In this space I will eventually offer a standard Pitman font bitmap, to save myself and other people time having to draw the same strokes repeatedly.
The font will follow certain design rules for consistency:

1.  The line width has been arbitrarily set at 51 pixels.
2.  T- or D-strokes, which are simple vertical lines, are half the height of the line.  Angled strokes (CH, P, B, R) are the appropriate length to join properly with the top of a T- or D-stroke.
3.  Thin straight strokes are 2 pixels thick, thick strokes are 3 pixels thick.  A single pixel is added to the tips of the thick strokes as a tapering effect and to confirm they are thick strokes.  At a 45-degree angle this works out to 3 and 5 pixels of thickness.
4.  Strokes starting above the line have a base 1/4 of the way from one line to the next line on top.  Strokes below or through the line have a base 1/4 of the way from one line to the next one below.
5.  Curved strokes have ends as far apart as a 45-degree straight stroke, but curved like a perfect circle.  Thick curved strokes have tapered ends at regular thickness but bolder in the middle.  Unsure how they will look joined to thick straight strokes (?)
6.  Vowel dashes are slightly less than 1/4 of the straight stroke at the corresponding angle.  Dashes follow the same thickness guidelines as strokes.  To avoid confusion with dashes, half-stroke R's (Rt) are never used alone by themselves.  Dots are exaggerated-size for clarity in the diagrams.  Special vowel marks (arrowheads, small circles) are custom designed but the size and shape are used consistently for each occurrence.
For now, here are the bitmaps I have:
BITMAP SIZE: 24.8 KB, much compressed as a .zip file.  This is simply a rectangle blank on the left half, and with lined marks on the right half, for placing text and their corresponding shorthand.
BITMAP SIZE: 333 KB, compressed to only 1 KB as a .zip file.  This is constructed from multiple half-page elements to make a scroll 66 lines long, blank on the left half, lined on the right half.